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Inflight Support Program Launched
Today, we launch our new Inflight Support Program (ISP) which will allow Inflight Teammates to have an Inflight Support Representative (ISR) to help prepare and accompany them if they are called in for an investigatory meeting that could result in discipline Inflight Leadership. Inflight Support Representatives can be requested for all meetings except attendance meetings unless a final PIP is being issued.
This past Thursday, we held our very first training for the ISP. The training was very engaging and hands-on.  In attendance were our  ITM volunteers along with members of the VX Leadership Team.  It was great having our ITMs and Leadership in one room working towards one goal of making this much-needed program successful. We will be closely monitoring and evaluating this process. Together, we will make this program fair and supportive for all ITMs. We highly encourage all ITMs to utilize the ISP. We are currently looking at other dates for training to enable more ITMs to participate in the program.
For the ISR  volunteers who attended, thank you for your participation. We appreciate your involvement and look forward to working with you to develop this program into a success and another important step to building our union.
If you are called in for a mandatory meeting with Leadership, please fill out the request for an ISR immediately here and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
In Solidarity,
Your TWU VX Negotiating Committee
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