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VX ITM Rainmaker Reminder
As you may already know, your Negotiating Committee has completed the second round of negotiations with Virgin America Leadership. We feel confident that we are on a positive path, which will bring us all success and a historic first contract.
With all the changes that can happen to your schedule, we wanted to remind all Teammates to log onto Rainmaker periodically to verify your hours are reported correctly. For those who aren't familiar with Rainmaker, it is our payroll website that gives you up-to-date pay information, including IROP Pay, Premium Pay, ITL differential, Sick Pay, etc. 
This website is the best way to know if you are being paid correctly and also allows you to notify Virgin America should inaccuracies arise.  Be sure to report any errors prior to the deadline sent out by Crew Payroll; otherwise, there may be a delay in receiving the corrected compensation. The website is Your login and password is the same as your e-mail and VX Connect credentials.
We also recommend that you visit the ADP website at least once a month to verify your pay and compare it with Rainmaker to ensure you are compensated accurately. To see your pay-stub and tax information, log onto There is a First Time User option for those who have not yet set up an account. There is also an app available for both Android and Apple for those who may be interested. 
Please take these few steps to verify you are being paid correctly for all of your hard work!
In Solidarity,
Your Negotiating Committee
“Elevating Our Voice, Empowering Our Future!”