Current Status of the TWU VX Tentative Agreement
8/21/2016 4:45:35 PM by TWU VX

Fifteen months ago, your Negotiating Committee at TWU VX began negotiations with Virgin America Leadership on our historic, first Contract that was intended to be the foundation of our new Union. We were making significant progress at the negotiations table when it was announced, on April 4th, 2016, that Alaska Airlines planned to purchase Virgin America. At that point, we had some difficult decisions to consider concerning our next course of action.

We could have stopped negotiations in their entirety, since it appeared our future would continue at a Unionized carrier. We could have settled for a few letters of agreement that may have provided a couple of improvements to our current working conditions. However, those options seemed like “stop-gap” measures that would not adequately serve our InFlight Team Members. So we chose to continue our attempts to reach an agreement that would not only provide our ITMs with the benefits of a contract, but would also provide immediate quality of life benefits and additional compensation until the acquisition by Alaska Airlines is complete.

A few days ago, we reached a Tentative Agreement with Virgin America Leadership on a Contract that, if ratified, will provide our ITMs with those quality of life improvements, economic benefits, and important grievance procedures and protections, until we are officially Alaska Airlines employees that are covered under the AFA Contract.

We are are currently compiling a full-text proposal and highlights of the Agreement for you to review. We are also developing a full education and communication plan that will consist of informational meetings, webinars, and support in the Villages. We will also provide a voting schedule that will allow you to cast your secure vote on the Agreement.

We know that people are anxious, but please avoid speculating on the Agreement until you have all of the information. We will provide you with the necessary resources for your thorough consideration in a few more days. Thank you for your patience and support while we put all our efforts toward providing you with all the information to help you make the best informed decision.