Fifteen months ago, your Negotiating Committee at TWU VX began negotiations with Virgin America Leadership on our historic, first Contract that was intended to be the foundation of our new Union. We were making significant progress at the negotiations table when it was announced, on April 4th, 2016, that Alaska Airlines planned to purchase Virgin America. At that point, we had some difficult decisions to consider concerning our next course of action.


Your TWU Negotiating Committee is proud to announce that we have reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with Virgin America Leadership on our historic, first Contract. At the end of this week’s two-day session in Dallas, we resolved all open issues, and we have reached Tentative Agreements on all remaining articles of our potential Contract.

TWU VX Negotiating Committee Update - 06-15-2016
6/15/2016 8:58:58 PM by TWU VX

Your Negotiating Committee (NC) Table Team met with VX Leadership for three days last week in New York. In addition to reaching Tentative Agreements on “Scheduling” and “Bidding,” we also achieved an agreement in principle on Definitions. The topic of conversation then centered around reviewing existing proposals for consistency.

We followed up our productive meetings last week with a two-day meeting this week in San Francisco, where we continued discussing the remaining open articles. This meeting was particularly notable since all but one Member of the Negotiating Committee was in attendance. Your Negotiating Committee reviewed and discussed the Tentative Agreements that we previously reached in addition to the remaining open items. We also held additional discussions with VX Leadership.